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Super Telephoto Military Telescope 🔭 UP TO 60% OFF NOW!! 🔭

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Phone Mount + Tripod

Developed by the Johns Hopkins University, the Super Telephoto Military Telescope. Researchers hope to achieve maximum magnification at the smallest effective aperture, while maintaining the telescope's light flux and resolution angle, as part of their research.

A normal telescope of the same diameter has a luminous flux that is 30 times greater than this one. Relatively speaking, ordinary telescopes with the same diameter have a resolution angle 47 times greater than this one. There was a 300-fold magnification. Monoculars of this size have never before achieved such high magnification and clarity.

Super long range telescope. Observe people miles away like he's near!

The telescopic anti-shake system and special tripod 3D gyroscope make the telescope's field of view very stable when it reaches a magnification of hundreds of times.

The shell is made of a titanium alloy with higher specific strength and weighs only 1.1 pounds. After retracted, the length is only 7.87 inches, and you can easily put it in a backpack or pocket when hunting, traveling, or camping.

Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design

Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust, and debris and ensure the living waterproof function.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness explorers

A handheld and must-have for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountaineering, camping, surveillance, and traveling

Compatible with all mobile phones on the market.

(Optional tripod pictured above)


Magnification: 10-300X
Prism Type: BAK-S1
Objective lens coating: FMC
Prism system: BAK-S1 Prism
Field of view: 360ft/1000yds
Weight of monocular: 1.1 pounds


    1 x Super Telephoto Military Telescope



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